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released June 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Reveal Renew Tampa, Florida

Start of Me, End of You (music video) now on YouTube!

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Track Name: Wings
Keep building this bridge, I'm sure that'll hold
All the money and faith that you stole.
I'm stepping out on a line, (and speaking the truth!)
Load your mien up and blow it away.
It's only meant for those who want to stay
In this place where it means (nothing at all)
Break the senses that are tearing you down.
I'm sure you'll start to see the difference now,
When every word you say will be washed away
In the end.
Have heart. This moment will pass
Even when we all have turned our backs
But was it grace that set us free?
Oh yeah!
Every time I try to speak the truth I get denied,
But ignorance is just so bliss that i can't compete
With everything falling all around me.
It gets so hard trying to keep a straight face.
Let all hell make it's way to me.
Can I just get one more request?
Clip my wings of ignorance inside.
Don't ever let them take flight.
Set me down.
Clip my wings of ignorance inside.
Let me be the first one to see
the broken road that's laid in front of me.
So I can fall, but still land on my own feet.
(Make it so clear!)
Let nothing get in the way
Of me trying to gain
The true meaning of what it's like to be set free
(Make it so clear!)
Break the senses that are tearing me down.
But I'm sure I'll start to see the difference now
When every word I say will be washed away
By the grace.
Track Name: A Few Good Men
Pressed my face against the glass to finally see
theres no one even watching, watching me
but if I make enough noise someone will come on by
but hope can be paralyzing, paralyzing
Im well aware of the risk of losing my way again but
Ill be damned before I ever lose it again x2
Ive been holding on to this rope for far to long
cant you see what the callouses read will you give me
a chance to explain myself but in order for this to go right
I have to see you conscious have to see you conscious x3
Awaken with a different perspective
I believe that when you start to feel the debris upon your
crown youll arise
I believe that we've fallen x4 short
I believe x2
once the white has left your eyes you'll soon
realize that this was more than just passion
Youll never know what its like to be free x2
Until you let it all go, let it all go x2
With hopeless desires you demand a sense of relief from this war
thats burning inside of your chest and bursting out from the seams
but I digress right back to this calling cant you see you were meant
for more
Beginning to understand is half the fight x2
Track Name: Start Of Me, End Of You
This is the moment that I come alive
I've been buried all this time
but when you've fallen beneath it's hard to see
whats on the other side.
I have made a mends with the things that have
kept me dead. And Im starting to see that it was
all in my head.
I want some common ground, and I'm not asking for much
All I wanted was some common ground. Tell me what it is you're searching for
But Ive seen them all fall away (Ive seen them,Ive seen them)
Ive seen them all fall away
Away from the grace that held them together
If only they could find a way
From this Hell they've constantly made
J-J-Just to see theres another way
Awaken,Awaken these bones inside x2
Fill them with a fire that cant be quenched
Glory, Glory still remains but at what cost?
If you still sing these songs
O Freedom I thought I knew you so well x2
I want some common ground, and I'm not asking for much
All I wanted was some common ground. Was it freedom you were searching for?
I said, its time to set this story straight and bring it to life
Rise up with the power inside
And tear them down to the ground
These walls that hinder the sound
The sound of freedom we make x2
Track Name: Deceiver/Deceiver
Let out the words that you've been hiding. I can hardly hear. (I can hardly hear.)
Let out the words that you 're denying. I can hardly hear.(I can hardly hear.)
Speak them loud I know you can hardly wait
To make it known the dreamers have lost their way.
Tell me one thing.
Does it really make you feel alive again ?
Tearing away
These words that make me wanna say
Stay back these thoughts are my own. No man can take them from me.
I'll keep bringing. I'll keep singing the very words that seperate me from you.
Hear me now these words have not lost their weight.
For this generation will not be led astray.
We are the builders . We are the faith.
We are the builders in this hopeless place.
Keep filling your heart with the lust of this world its what will cradle you.
I'll keep bringing. I'll keep singing we will never be erased.
Twenty-four years up to this day,
I've been freed from my own grave.
Track Name: Scavengers
Again you try and take control again you fail to take control
This is the last the last time I'm giving into you. One to many times before I've let you in ( I've let you in)
You ran this as it was your own and it's not.
No longer can you call this your home.
Can't you see your the one to blame? The one who said it would be ok
And there you go again with your false words hanging from your lips.
I know them all to well. I know them (ALL TO WELL) as they try and take me over as they try and take me
Over and over again as they come into my head(come into my head)
How can you still walk around in this place that holds no solid ground (tell me) I still have enough inside of me to take you down and to take you out.
This is where I stand against you , this is where it ends.
Right, right before you even say another word to me, let me make this so clear.
You better watch what you say or these words will be your grave.
If only you were listening, listen to me.
Better watch what you say or these words will be your grave.
You better watch what you say.
I am done with you
Done with you
Let truth be revealed
Let truth be revealed
It ends