Phrases for the Living

by Reveal Renew

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These structures they seem so firm. We built this house in the form of a home, but resented the fact that we were always alone. One by one we still followed the ways of the old with repetitious intent hoping to never be swallowed alive. Oh, here they come. Just stay down, just stay. These towers of pride now reign over our heads. Preserving the minds that keep us from being whole. I wanna be whole. I gotta be whole. Please make me whole. Keep defining your worth from the height that you've gained. Up from your kingdom on high. Though these cracks on the floor speak of a different tale, remising the ideas that we are all still sane. Fallen by the way that you've made. While hypocrisy claims your name. Hollowed out hearts can still weigh a ton. In the wake of these plagues Im still finding relief that these faults are bringing divide. Without a word or action displayed now falls the cowl of a reverie that hid your heart. Everything that you wanted to be was just a facade for your apathy, and though your claims keep coming I can't seem to make them out. Your claims keep coming but I can't seem to make them out. This entropy ends with me. Subsiding, rewriting. No killers remorse will be spared by a harvest rendered by fear. What was it really that you wanted to be?
Frail bonds, they paved the way. The way that enables the sins of the father to segregate from the authors intent. Steal men stay strong. Steal men stay true to their bond. But I think we're one prayer short of a perfect mistake that's infecting the Burroughs we promised to save. Steal men act strong. Steal men still grew to be wrong. These miles of questions still yearn to be answered by men that were full of regret. I see your struggle, and I refuse to be part of it. Blasphemers, their in the hall repentance in hand. Redeemer, in constant flux of the hand that fed them all this time. Aim for the heart for they won't even notice at all. Slain in disgust of the men that they've become. I wanna be right where you are. Covered in all my flaws, but if I don't show then fear regains composure. Then this was all a sham. Be still my heart. I saw a secret once wrapped in garments that I couldn't remove. Steal men are gone. Steal men they never belonged. Not even in death could you repent, repent, repent. So, this is the death of rock n' roll. This is the death of rock n' roll. Not even in death could you repent. This is the death of rock n' roll And its there and its holding me.
Divided we stand one nation under broken hands. Or was it God? Oh, my God. Now I remember you weren't invited in this room. We're all the same. We're all the same. Shattered melodies are all we have. Spare the flock they've had enough of your incessant call to arms. We've been removed from the pack with X's on our backs. Though death stained you this forsaken blame still reoccurs exclaiming the verses to let freedom reign. I've excepted the fact that we were bred from the darkest of thoughts. If only we could reunite, revive. Revive. Inside. The missing pieces that make us alive. This darkened heart could never speak, ignite our hearts and let the silent speak.
Wring out our hearts again. Fables nurtured by our own makers hands. Save us from whats within. Did my plea come out, or was I just faking it? I swear Im gonna be different. Just not in the way that you think I'll be. Frayed deception brings a blank identity of hopeless cares hoping just to care. Paint me deception. If my words start to fall out from underneath. Your perceptions been spent. Even in squalor you can't even detect whats cheaper than grace, but the excuses we drown ourselves in everyday. Grateful for the suffering. False martyrs proclaim they were the first to feel inside their coffin hearts and make it known that they were the last to be born again. What sweet hell is this? When we close our eyes,is when we see the most. Oh, how I wish we'd return to when we didn't know. Take away the pain we were derived from. Reinstate the blame we were designed from.
Hammer away at the minds that pledge their allegiance to the fame. Stone thoughts they'll way us down. Through these days we are forced to inherit a heart of solitude. Just to siphon through the cries I want it all. Matchstick soldiers all fall in place. Fashioned by minds who told them they were everything. Set a blaze to be consumed by the masses. Black lungs reinstate the rebirth of the latter. I've seen too much. Not heard enough. Degradation evokes the folly in us all. Everything in this world is false and indifferent. By the hands that we have we will make it a new. I wanna dream but I refuse to be different. Oh yea yea I wanna see them free. Give praise to the pillars that burn down the exits around us. Existing is half of what we all want. Exist to exist. There's no greater concept than this.


released November 18, 2014


all rights reserved



Reveal Renew Tampa, Florida

Start of Me, End of You (music video) now on YouTube!

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